Animal Talk – Final Toby Tales

I just thought Toby visited me.  I had no idea of his true cat rounds.  One evening at the local neighborhood block watch party I happened to be talking to a lady who lived several houses down the block.  I was telling her about Toby.  She got a funny look on her face and stopped me.

“I know that cat” she said.

“I was in my upstairs bedroom and a black cat was lying on my bed.  I thought it was mine at first but realized it wasn’t.  I looked at his collar and tag and his name was Toby” she exclaimed with an exasperated sigh.

All this time I thought I was special.  Who knows how big of a flock Toby tended to!

The final chapter on Toby was when I learned the neighbors behind me were moving.  I didn’t want to think about life without Toby but what could I do?

Soon enough Toby stopped by.  This visit was different.  I was sitting on the couch watching TV.  Toby jumped up next to me and made sure I was paying attention to him.  Very deliberately he put one paw on my arm all the while watching my face.  Slowly he put his other paw on my arm still watching me.  Then he did something I have never seen any cat do.  He started sucking on my robe covered arm in-between his paws while intently looking at me.  It was as if he was a baby at the bottle.   Then I knew… He wanted me to be his new Mom!

Sadly, I didn’t have the gumption to march over to my neighbors and tell them “Toby wants me to be his Mom now”.  This is one of my life’s regrets.  I haven’t seen Toby since.


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