Animal Talk – Toby Tales

In my previous blog I talked about the special cat “Toby” who came into my life the same day my cat Big was put down.  There was quite a bit more to Toby which I will share with the following true tales.

Since Toby usually visited me every day I became concerned when I hadn’t seen him for several days.  One day I was out riding my bike wondering if something happened to him.  I rode up to Toby’s house and saw that his owners were out in their yard.  I didn’t really know them that well. I just knew Toby lived there and that this couple had a ménage of pets. I stopped my bike and introduced myself and asked “I haven’t seen Toby for a while is he ok?”

Both of them looked at the ground and seemed a bit uncomfortable. Finally the women said “Toby didn’t like the food we had been giving him after he had started getting fed by people at another house (this house turned out to be the house behind me!) He hardly comes home anymore”. He gets fed by me too, I thought to myself suddenly feeling guilty.

The woman continued “Those people asked if they could have Toby. They don’t have any other pets and really love Toby. Since we have so many we thought it would be ok to let them have him. They are probably keeping him inside”.

I had seen Toby at the house behind me and I was kind of miffed and jealous at this turn of events. Was it proper to tell someone you wanted their pet? I didn’t know you could do that.

It turned out ok though because after a while Toby returned to his habit of visiting me. He had the same name but different phone number and address according to his new collar and tag…


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