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I'm a writer, artist, energy healer, dreamer and video inovator.

Creativity Blocks

Round about December 2012 it happened to me. Suddenly I was dropped from the jet steam of creative muse.

Left with just my ordinary dull mind the world seemed to have lost its luster.  Things I never had time nor interest in filled the gap. I started listening to NPR, main stream media and TV.  Shrill, shocking news and events since I last surfed the main stream wave. Yet somehow nothing had really changed. A whirlwind of smoke and mirrors revealing nothing of importance to me but it filled in time.

I blame it on hormones, stars, sun and moon. Lack of vitamin D, E and C.

I remembered a bit of wisdom I picked up from somewhere. Show gratitude and or wonder in the most ordinary of things. It started to work. I looked at the world with fresh eyes. Even cityscapes of concrete, metal and decay held some treasure.

Glistening rain drops sparkling on a car hood.

The soft fur on my cats ears.

Pink buds emerging on bushes and trees.

Cracks and crevices of broken concrete creating patterns like beautiful mandala’s.

City parks showing their wonder.

Ever so slowly sparks and wisps of smoke from the eternal creative consciousness started to enter my awareness.

I don’t feel entirely back but enough energy came thru to inspire a video I call “New City”.

What do you think?



Poor Kids

Recently on PBS Frontline a show aired about poor kids in America. It was disturbing and affected me deeply on a lot of different levels.

It was hard to wrap my head around the fact that the US ranks 4th in childhood poverty of the developed countries. That would have been a good topic for debate in our recent election…

It got me thinking about my childhood, current economics and how being poor now seems different. In my case my parents were directly affected by the depression and therefore acquired skills that seem to be lacking in today’s world.

I was never hungry for lack of food growing up but do remember powdered milk and a lot of baloney sandwiches on cheap bread. Menu planning was an art and meals were carefully planned around sales and stretched so that nothing was wasted. It was hard for the dog to get any scraps.

In the program some of the food choices of stressed parents fell into the category of cheap nutrition deficient convenience food such as cardboard like microwave pizza. Heartbreaking was the kids awareness of their situation and their comments.

Paraphrased comments:

“We don’t get three meals a day”
“Unhealthy food makes you fat”
“This could happen to anybody even you”
“I have nothing going for me”

I know I wasn’t as aware of economic issues as these kids are.

Something is wrong if it is cheaper to buy a fast food hamburger for a dollar or less but an apple or other fruit costs more. Or that our mainstream media focuses on the latest electronic gadgets but ignores poverty issues especially since now 47 million Americans receive food stamps.

It seems that old support structures of family and extended family is broken for an awful lot of people. Our country is broke and more and more austerity across the board seems inevitable.

You might wonder how long this go can go on before it causes tremendous social upheaval and change?

I do and expect a very different future coming done the pipe. I think people are and will create alternative economic communities based local and more in harmony with our remaining natural resources. A natural rhythm of balance and grace like the four seasons – each offering positive and negative qualities.

One concept of balanced thought is the Chinese idea of Five Elements. It inspired this video.

What do you think?

Poor Kids – PBS Frontline

Chakras and Colors

Colors, mood, feelings, depth, meaning, substance, intangible, searching, wonder, being human.

Colors are all around us yet do we ever stop and think about how they make us feel?

Driving to work this week I noticed trees that were changing to the fall colors of red, orange and yellow mixed with fading shades of green. They stood out like huge sentries ushering in the new season.

The colors were a smorgasboard of delight and wonder on an ordinary day.  They dramatically lifted my spirits.  I wonder who else was inspired by this sight?

How did it make them feel?

Colors and Chakras go together each representing a color and feeling and state of being. Get to know the main Chakras and their Colors.  How do they make you feel?

Use this video to inspire you.

Healing Stones

Time and time again I come back to nature – for sustenance, grounding and peace.

I envision a future where all healing takes place naturally and with the grace of nature. Humans in total sync with our natural surroundings. A gentle sharing of health and well-being.

Maybe that is the cure for all human ailments…

This thought inspired the following video:



As an artist trusting my intuition is paramount. Allowing ideas, pictures, words and impressions to freely come into my consciousness is what I strive for.

This is not always easy. When you are under stress or have many things on your mind it is impossible. For me it is important to set aside time to allow this process to come to fruition.

About 5 months ago I visited a Tibetan Buddhist Temple and took some pictures and video with a friend.  I knew at some point I was going to make a video featuring the beautiful copper prayer wheels.  I just didn’t think it would take this long.

Last weekend the ideas for this video started to flow. Dreamy, fluid and mysterious was the theme that came to me. I was able to create this video in about 2 days.

What do you think?


Inspiration and Choice

Have you ever thought life is just a series of choices? If you consider this thought, what it actually means is – at any given time you have unlimited power.

Even in the midst of a dark or painful time when it feels like circumstances have pushed you into a corner and there seems to be no hope – you can choose. Choose how you respond or react in the moment.

It is not easy to start down this path of self-empowerment. Fears and emotions can really take us for a ride but if you choose to rise above the emotional roller coaster and strive for neutrality you are on your way.

To me this is akin to the idea of living in the “now” a concept that is much bandied about in certain circles.

For me one of the easiest ways to see joy and inspiration is to look to nature. The world we live in is constantly renewing, growing and changing.  We have a world of life surrounding us if we only take time to look.

During a dark time in my past when I was so overcome with grief and emotion my only solace was to walk around a lake in my neighborhood.

Overcome with thoughts it seemed like I walked this 2.8 mile path in seconds not noticing a thing. But I always felt better after the walk. After time I began to notice the water, grasses, trees, birds and sky. Nature was truly healing me.

Not only is the natural world beautiful but also healing in a very real way.

Inspired by my surroundings and nature I made the following video.  I hope you enjoy it.

People Power

Awhile back I read the book “Robes” by Penny Kelly.


It talks about the “rise of business to power”.  In other words how multinational corporations have become more powerful than governments and are set to replace governments with corporate power.  In the aftermath a new type of smaller groups or communities of people develop and live in balance with nature and resources.

Because of recent events I thought of this book and reread some portions. I feel we are already living in the era of business power and now see people taking steps to create new community and new economy.  An example of this was a recent fair I attended as a video person and here is the result. What do you think?