Healing Stones

Time and time again I come back to nature – for sustenance, grounding and peace.

I envision a future where all healing takes place naturally and with the grace of nature. Humans in total sync with our natural surroundings. A gentle sharing of health and well-being.

Maybe that is the cure for all human ailments…

This thought inspired the following video:




Inexplicably I was suddenly overly concerned about fire.  I became concerned that my house was going to catch on fire or fire would adversely affect someone close to me.  I checked and double checked heaters and appliances.  Several times I started off for work only to return home and check them once again.  It was literally a hand wringing feeling.

What was going on?  Fire would drift into my thoughts at odd times.  I was just starting to take a walk with a friend and when suddenly very clearly I heard “Fire” as if someone was whispering in my ear.- clearaudience.

At this time in my life I was getting deeper and deeper into the study of metaphysics and was working with a gifted Shaman.  I decided to bring this up at one of our sessions.

“I keep thinking about fire and double checking my heaters and appliances”.  I said.

After establishing that I had no fire trauma in my present or known past we proceeded.

“Go into the feeling”.  The Shaman said.

As she said this I shut my eyes and a scene started to develop in my mind’s eye.  The feeling was fearful and agitating.  I saw a huge pile of wood ready to be lit.  It was night-time and people were surrounding and milling around the massive pile of wood.  There was anticipating of if being lit.  I knew someone was going to be  burned at the stake.  Then abruptly I know who… it was to be my mother.  I was overcome with grief.  A man dressed in ragged burlap textured clothes forced me to look at him.  He had piercing blue eyes full of power and dominance.  It was my Dad, he wanted to make sure I knew that he was behind this terrible event.

My Mom in that lifetime was the village herbalist / healer and held a lot of sway with the villagers.  The problem was her husband, my Dad didn’t like this.  He was jealous, controlling and found a way to put an end to it.

The fire was lit and the flickering light, fear and village people’s gruesome anticipating popped me back into the present moment.  I couldn’t bear to see or feel anything more.

I looked up.  The Shaman was still observing I could tell.  Her eyes were shut but her eyeballs were moving behind her eyelids. After a bit she too came back.

We sat in silence for a while.  I now knew where my concern of fire had come from.  As I had been working on myself, a deep old fear surfaced ready to be released.

“Good work”.  The Shaman said.

After that session I was no longer troubled by thoughts of fire…

The Angels came…

With a gasp of breath I felt myself pulled upward and suddenly I was no longer in my body.  I was aware of myself as pure consciousness.  I had no awareness of my physical body.  I felt other swirling presences around me.  I ‘saw’ them as white swirling energy.

Before this I had been doing Reiki on a young woman and had started to cry.  My client became alarmed and asked “Are you ok”?

“Yes” I said knowing that I was just processing her energy.

Shortly afterword I left my body.  I became aware of my client sitting in a chair in the realm that my consciousness was.  Out of my heart chakra a little girl popped out and stood next to her.  As this was happening the ‘swirling’ energies were all around ‘us’.

My client was sitting in the chair with her head in her hands crying inconsolably, she didn’t notice the little girl next to her.  After a while she looked up and saw the little girl.  She was frozen for a moment, then she grabbed her and hugged her to chest.

I was enraptured by the swirling essences.  They were so peaceful.  They surrounded my client and the little girl.  After awhile my client took a magic wand and started waving it around.  As she did this stars began to emanate from the magic wand and they surrounded me.

Whomp, suddenly I was back in my body.

My client was pretty unique in that she was an astute student of metaphysics herself and she also did energy healing in her own unique way.

She said to me “Angels came into the room and you left to be with them.  I was afraid you weren’t coming back so I pulled you back”.  Hence the magic wand and stars.

She went on to tell me that she had given up a baby for adoption in the past and still had a lot of mixed emotions and feelings around this.  The session and served to bring out the emotion trapped in her.  She later told me that after the session she had felt so much peace that carried with her for days to come.

I know without any doubt that we are eternal beings and so much more than our physical body.  We are here for only a short time to learn lessons and then we go ‘home’ again.

Past Lives cont…

Past Lives cont...

After my first experience seeing a the young lady’s face morph into a man and back again I was excited to get the opportunity to try the exercise again.

This time I was paired with a middle-aged women with long hair.  Looking into her face it was like I was seeing a movie play before me.  Again it seemed to be a time period of 16th or 17 century.  In that lifetime this women lived on the outskirts of a small village.  I saw her walking toward her home after being in the village.  Small boys were taunting her and throwing things at her.  I got the sense that she lived alone.

Her home was like a study.  Books abounded and she lived for knowledge.  The only problem was she was a women and as a women she was excluded from the halls of learning.  To get around this she dressed as a man and traveled to conferences participating as a man.

It was so interesting to see.  What a perfect solution!  I suspect many women like her did the same…

Next blog – Have you ever wondered what it is like to not be tethered to your physical body? Well tune in to find out what this is like…

Past Lives and Reiki

Past Lives

About a year after I took the Reiki I course I signed up for a Reiki II course.  This was quite a big class with about 25 people participating.  When you have a lot of people doing Reiki the energy can be very strong.  The energy was so strong that sometimes it seemed to overpower me and I would just start weeping.  I wasn’t sad or feeling bad.  It was as if I was tapping into something vast and limitless and the result for me was weeping.

There was a young lady in the course who had recently been in a car accident and had injured her forehead.  She mentioned that she was always banging or injuring her forehead.  Like if she fell off her bike her forehead would be scraped.

One of the exercises in the class was to partner with someone and see if you could see one of their past lives.  You did this by sitting opposite from each other and looking into their face while soft focusing your eyes.  My partner for this exercise was the young gal who had been in the recent car accident.

As I looked at her face, it began to shift and change before me like I was seeing her face thru a fun house mirror.  Her face changed into a young man’s face with a big red birthmark on his forehead.  He appeared to live at a time long in the past like the 16th century.  It was clear that he was ostracised and condemned for this mark on his head.  I got the impression that other people thought it was the mark of the devil and he had a lot of anger about it.

This all happened in a minute or two but felt like seconds.  I shifted focus and the young girl’s pretty face came back.  It was clear to me that what I saw was the reason she kept injuring her head – lingering past life energy stemming from having the big, red, hated birthmark in a previous lifetime.

Interesting don’t you think?  Next blog – another past life.

Animal Talk – Toby II

Toby II - Likes choice...

My other cat Toby II is a sweetheart but does have one behavior that in my opinion might fall under challenge animal.  It only happens once a year at his annual vet exam…

For some reason Toby II does not like anything to do with his cat carrier.  It is quite a scene to get him in and once in he cries as if he is in a torture chamber.  Since I always take my cats in together (separate carriers) he will also get Thea yowling too.

When I enter the Vet lobby with two loud pitiful screaming cats.  It is quite a dramatic scene.  The only benefit to this situation is I never have to wait.  I’m escorted into an examination room in seconds flat.

I assumed something happened to Toby II regarding a cat carrier before I had him.  I got Toby II and Thea at the same time as siblings when they were 5 months old. As opposed to Toby II, Thea seems to be fine with a cat carrier.

At the last Vet visit Toby II capped off his visit by pooping on the exam table when it was time to put him back in the carrier.

I could tell the Vet was perturbed but she just said “Is it ok to use this as his stool sample?”

That’s pretty diplomatic I thought to myself as I readily agreed to the request.

Back in Animal communication class I asked the person doing the reading on Toby II to see if they could find out why Toby II freaks out around the cat carrier.

Turns out Toby II is not afraid of the cat carrier or Vet as I had assumed but he wants to have choice about the situation.   After all he is a cat and cats are all about independence and doing their own thing.  Toby II just takes it to the extreme.

My task is to figure out how to let him have choice for his next Vet visit.  Anybody out there have any suggestions for me?

Animal Talk – Thea


Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking?  Hmm, I have to say I was a bit nervous when it was time to share a picture of one of my pets for someone to read.

The day before my first Animal Communication course I had come home to find a big, wet, mound of cat throw up on my bed.  I have to say I was not pleased.  I had a lot to do that evening and I certainly hadn’t planned on changing the bed linens. I can’t say for sure but there was the possibility of a few choice words escaping my mouth possibly directed at my pets…

I stripped the bed and carried the dirty linen down to the basement to where my washer and dryer are located.  To my dismay right in front of the washer was the remains of a small bird.  The only thing left was its feet, some tiny feathers and some gore. More choice words…

Well at least I know knew who had thrown up and why.  I have two sibling cats a female brown tabby Thea and her black velvet coated brother Toby II.  Thea was the
hunter and had shown her prowess a few times before.  Poor Thea, she must of felt pretty bad to throw up and to do it on my bed was certainly making a statement.

In class our pet pictures were passed out and a lady who I will call Sandy received Thea’s picture.  She was sitting just a few chairs down from me intently studying Thea’s picture.  I began to feel nervous as the recent throw up episode entered my mind. What was Thea going to say?  Was she going to report my poor handling of this recent incident?  Was I going to be singled out as a bad pet parent? I was on pins and needles.

After what seemed an eternity it was Sandy’s turn to report on her communication with
Thea.  Turns out Thea did have quite a bit to say…

Like animals everywhere Thea talked from her perspective. Thea liked her feather toy on the long stick and playing with her brother.  Her favorite food was tuna. She didn’t really like TV.  She gave Sandy a tour of her house showing upstairs and downstairs.  Sandy reported that my kitchen was white and we had a small yard.  Thea loved me and liked her home.

I was astounded.  All this was extremely accurate! I don’t watch TV but I do watch videos and sure enough Thea will come in the room to see what I’m doing but then leaves with the attitude of “how boring”.  I was surprised at the small yard revelation
though. It certainly was true but did this mean it was too small?

After class on the long drive home all I could think about was my small yard.  Was it too small for my cats?  Should I think about moving to give them a bigger yard? I really did want them to be happy…