Animal Talk – First Class

High Pride and Friend

August 7, 2011

Not very many people know I grew up around horses. When I was about 14 or 15 my family acquired a registered Appaloosa named High Pride, Pride for short. Sometime later we took on a Thoroughbred race horse that had been found starving. We called him Big Red.

Pride was a young, handsome black Appaloosa with the trademark white spots on his rump. His mane was roached so he resembled a black night chess piece. He was also a very skittish horse. He would shy at the drop of a hat to unfamiliar sights and sounds. He would move so fast that oftentimes the rider was left in midair or on the ground. His saving grace was his sensitive mouth. He could turn on a dime and we rode him with a bitless bridle. Some said he had a mouth of gold.

As a teenager I can’t say I was horse crazy but I did like being around horses. I liked riding and grooming them. There was also something sensual and physical about the atmosphere of horses. The pleasant smell of hay, barns and horses combined with their unique nickers, neighs and snort sounds just can’t be beat.

The memories of these smells and sounds came flooding back on my first day of Animal Communication class. The class was held out in the country, ironically in the same town where I had grown up with horses. I arrived about 45 minutes too early and had time to burn. A gal on the property said “Go on down to the barn and talk to the horses”. Yeah right, I thought to myself.

I walked into the barn and there were 3 horses there. I just wanted to pet them remembering how soft and comforting their muzzles can be. So that’s what I did. I got to the third horse on the end and I noticed what a beauty she was. She had a black mane that contrasted very nicely with her reddish coat. I was petting her on the neck and I was thinking or saying “pretty girl” out of habit as that is what I call my beautiful brown tabby cat Thea.

All of a sudden – very strong like a whoosh I heard “I’m a lady!” I was taken aback and startled. I stepped back and looked at the horse. She had her head cocked back and her big brown eyes were looking very intently at me with, dare I say, haughtiness. All of a sudden I felt like a commoner in the presence of royalty. It was very disconcerting.

This horse just talked to me!  My mind was reeling.  All I could think to do was correct my mistake so I said “Yes, you are a lady”.  I couldn’t help but wonder how the rest of the 3 day course was going to go…


One thought on “Animal Talk – First Class

  1. oh my–great story Barbara! I wonder how many times my animals have talked–no screamed at me- only to fall on “deaf ” ears….I intend to make up for lost time and opportunity

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