It is spring here in the northwest and a sign of this time and summer to come is blooming poppies.  My favorite are called dinner plate poppies named after their large size.  These beautiful poppies can get up to 10 inches in diameter.

I have pink and red ones in my front yard but my neighbor around the corner beats me by a mile.  She has red, white, orange, red, black red ones plus giant irises and other assorted flowers.

They are in full bloom now and it inspired the following video.  Please like, share and enjoy if they inspire you as much as they did me. 🙂


Reiki started it all…


I recently taught a Reiki class and it got me thinking about how transforming Reiki can be.  For me it was a major milestone on my spiritual path and opened me up to some amazing experiences that I’d like to share over the next several blogs.

My first Reiki I class was held on Vashon Island a short ferry ride from my home in Seattle.  It was a nice rural setting filled with cows, horses and beautiful scenery. The house where the class was held was in a partial wooded and open pasture setting.

Before the course started, I was outside leaning on the houses’ deck looking down on some people sitting in a circle in front of me.  I immediately noticed and was drawn to a young man sitting in the circle playing a guitar.  It was a real strange feeling.  There was something about this guy that I couldn’t explain and I was hyper aware of him.  He was there with a lovely girl and they were a cute couple.

The class started and we learned about the origins of Reiki, hand positions and then broke for lunch.  All the while I kept sneaking glances at this guy.  Why was I so drawn to him?

After lunch the teacher told us to pair up with someone we didn’t know for an exercise.  I immediately walked over to this guy.  Maybe I would be able to figure out what was going on.  Our exercise was to look deeply into our partners eyes and write down the first word that comes into our mind.

Looking into this guy’s deep blue eyes I immediately got the word LOVE.  It wasn’t the feeling of romantic love but huge compassionate LOVE.  I was kind of afraid to write this down because ‘love’ is such a loaded word.  What would this guy think?

But it was so strong that I had to write it down.  We showed each other what we wrote and he had written LOVE too!  It was unnerving.  He said he had noticed me too.  Whatever the connection was it was really nice.  The best I can explain it would be like running into someone who matches your core essence. Someone you’ve known for eons as a spirit.  It was very peaceful, wonderful and deeply moving.

I haven’t run into anyone like that since…