Inspiration and Choice

Have you ever thought life is just a series of choices? If you consider this thought, what it actually means is – at any given time you have unlimited power.

Even in the midst of a dark or painful time when it feels like circumstances have pushed you into a corner and there seems to be no hope – you can choose. Choose how you respond or react in the moment.

It is not easy to start down this path of self-empowerment. Fears and emotions can really take us for a ride but if you choose to rise above the emotional roller coaster and strive for neutrality you are on your way.

To me this is akin to the idea of living in the “now” a concept that is much bandied about in certain circles.

For me one of the easiest ways to see joy and inspiration is to look to nature. The world we live in is constantly renewing, growing and changing.  We have a world of life surrounding us if we only take time to look.

During a dark time in my past when I was so overcome with grief and emotion my only solace was to walk around a lake in my neighborhood.

Overcome with thoughts it seemed like I walked this 2.8 mile path in seconds not noticing a thing. But I always felt better after the walk. After time I began to notice the water, grasses, trees, birds and sky. Nature was truly healing me.

Not only is the natural world beautiful but also healing in a very real way.

Inspired by my surroundings and nature I made the following video.  I hope you enjoy it.