I was staying at my sister’s apartment when our Mom called us with the bad news.  Dad had a heart attack and they were rushing him to the hospital.  Mom was on her way and we were to meet her there.

It was early morning and I was still in my pajamas.  I went into the bathroom to dress and get ready to go.  As I was dressing I felt my Dad floating above me and he was smiling and conveying loving thoughts.  I knew he had died but didn’t say anything to my sister.  The drive to the hospital was silent, both of us lost in our thoughts.

At the hospital we were led into a room where my Mom was waiting for us with my younger sister.  My Mom embraced us and choking with emotion said Dad was dead on arrival.

I think since I already knew this information, it was hard to hear but not devastating.  I knew his essence was free and happy released from the physical plane.

To this day I haven’t shared this with my family… untill now.

It is so comforting to know we are eternal beings only experiencing physical reality for a short period.


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