Past Lives cont…

Past Lives cont...

After my first experience seeing a the young lady’s face morph into a man and back again I was excited to get the opportunity to try the exercise again.

This time I was paired with a middle-aged women with long hair.  Looking into her face it was like I was seeing a movie play before me.  Again it seemed to be a time period of 16th or 17 century.  In that lifetime this women lived on the outskirts of a small village.  I saw her walking toward her home after being in the village.  Small boys were taunting her and throwing things at her.  I got the sense that she lived alone.

Her home was like a study.  Books abounded and she lived for knowledge.  The only problem was she was a women and as a women she was excluded from the halls of learning.  To get around this she dressed as a man and traveled to conferences participating as a man.

It was so interesting to see.  What a perfect solution!  I suspect many women like her did the same…

Next blog – Have you ever wondered what it is like to not be tethered to your physical body? Well tune in to find out what this is like…


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