Past Lives and Reiki

Past Lives

About a year after I took the Reiki I course I signed up for a Reiki II course.  This was quite a big class with about 25 people participating.  When you have a lot of people doing Reiki the energy can be very strong.  The energy was so strong that sometimes it seemed to overpower me and I would just start weeping.  I wasn’t sad or feeling bad.  It was as if I was tapping into something vast and limitless and the result for me was weeping.

There was a young lady in the course who had recently been in a car accident and had injured her forehead.  She mentioned that she was always banging or injuring her forehead.  Like if she fell off her bike her forehead would be scraped.

One of the exercises in the class was to partner with someone and see if you could see one of their past lives.  You did this by sitting opposite from each other and looking into their face while soft focusing your eyes.  My partner for this exercise was the young gal who had been in the recent car accident.

As I looked at her face, it began to shift and change before me like I was seeing her face thru a fun house mirror.  Her face changed into a young man’s face with a big red birthmark on his forehead.  He appeared to live at a time long in the past like the 16th century.  It was clear that he was ostracised and condemned for this mark on his head.  I got the impression that other people thought it was the mark of the devil and he had a lot of anger about it.

This all happened in a minute or two but felt like seconds.  I shifted focus and the young girl’s pretty face came back.  It was clear to me that what I saw was the reason she kept injuring her head – lingering past life energy stemming from having the big, red, hated birthmark in a previous lifetime.

Interesting don’t you think?  Next blog – another past life.


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