Animal Talk – Best Friends

Best Friend

You may think most people play the ‘parent’ role with their pet but that is just one of many roles played out when people and animals come together.

I recently communicated with a horse whose owner was her BEST FRIEND with emphasis.  They were most definitely equals.

When I first connected with the horse I got the owner’s name repeated over and over.  I got confused who was I doing the reading for the owner or the horse?  It was clear they were of one mind and that was the first thing I wrote down “one mind”.

Now that is quite a bond. I was shown a picture of the horse calmly and quietly eating hay in her stall.  When her owner arrived at the barn everything lit up.  It was like lights, camera action!

The owner who I will call Jen has a very vibrant outgoing personality and is a self-described chatty person.  The horse who I will call Eva absolutely loved how Jen could turn the barn instantly into “party time” by her mere presence.  Who wouldn’t want a best friend like that?

Eva’s favorite thing to do was jumping and she could lift her feet up really high.  Also Eva really wouldn’t mind a bit if Jen moved in with her.

Jen confirmed this was their relationship dynamics and Eva was at the end of the barn where the radio was. It was a very fun place to be indeed.
Eva loved jumping and Jen would sometimes sit in the stall with Eva lying down also with her head in Jen’s lap.

What a special world we live in.  Can you imagine a world without animals?  I can’t.