Animal Talk – Sheriff


He said he was a Sheriff and he took his job seriously!  Who said this you ask? None other than a dog I’ll call Sam.  Sam was one of my recent Animal Communication Class homework assignments.

Every other week, I have a conference call as part of my Animal Communication Class. The call consists of the class instructor and my other Animal Communication classmates.  We catch up and then all talk to a new animal guest.  It’s fun and
very motivating to hear what other people pick up from these interesting animal
guests.  Some people pick up the same information and some get very different information.  I’m amazed at all the talented individuals in the program.

In the in-between weeks we all have a homework assignment where we are hooked up with a classmate to share a picture of an animal and to do a reading for each other. One of my homework assignments was to talk to Sam.

Sam lives in Montana on a 10 acre spread with lots to protect. Not only does he spend his time looking after the place (he showed me a picture of him surveying a pasture) he spends a lot of time behind horses, three to be exact.  The image I got for that was just the hind end of a horse and its tail.  There appeared to be two other horses as well.  Sam likes the outdoors and has a lot of upbeat energy to share.

Sam also plays the role of big brother / looking after another dog on the property.  Sam likes dog pepperoni sticks and his wet food.

Quite a conversationalist don’t you think?

According to his owner he does seem to be on constant patrol duty always making sure everything and everybody (including animals) are safe and sound.  And yes he does spend a great deal of time behind horses helping out and hanging out.

Dogs are natural protectors but I had never thought of them as playing the role of “Sheriff”.   I have to say it does make total sense but where do they get these ideas?  Did this come from from watching TV? Maybe I should have asked him what his favorite TV show is?  I don’t know about you but I’m thinking Bonanza reruns.

Next homework assignment I’m asking about TV / movie viewing habits! Inquiring minds want to know…


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