Animal Talk – Toby II

Toby II - Likes choice...

My other cat Toby II is a sweetheart but does have one behavior that in my opinion might fall under challenge animal.  It only happens once a year at his annual vet exam…

For some reason Toby II does not like anything to do with his cat carrier.  It is quite a scene to get him in and once in he cries as if he is in a torture chamber.  Since I always take my cats in together (separate carriers) he will also get Thea yowling too.

When I enter the Vet lobby with two loud pitiful screaming cats.  It is quite a dramatic scene.  The only benefit to this situation is I never have to wait.  I’m escorted into an examination room in seconds flat.

I assumed something happened to Toby II regarding a cat carrier before I had him.  I got Toby II and Thea at the same time as siblings when they were 5 months old. As opposed to Toby II, Thea seems to be fine with a cat carrier.

At the last Vet visit Toby II capped off his visit by pooping on the exam table when it was time to put him back in the carrier.

I could tell the Vet was perturbed but she just said “Is it ok to use this as his stool sample?”

That’s pretty diplomatic I thought to myself as I readily agreed to the request.

Back in Animal communication class I asked the person doing the reading on Toby II to see if they could find out why Toby II freaks out around the cat carrier.

Turns out Toby II is not afraid of the cat carrier or Vet as I had assumed but he wants to have choice about the situation.   After all he is a cat and cats are all about independence and doing their own thing.  Toby II just takes it to the extreme.

My task is to figure out how to let him have choice for his next Vet visit.  Anybody out there have any suggestions for me?


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