Animal Talk – Thea


Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking?  Hmm, I have to say I was a bit nervous when it was time to share a picture of one of my pets for someone to read.

The day before my first Animal Communication course I had come home to find a big, wet, mound of cat throw up on my bed.  I have to say I was not pleased.  I had a lot to do that evening and I certainly hadn’t planned on changing the bed linens. I can’t say for sure but there was the possibility of a few choice words escaping my mouth possibly directed at my pets…

I stripped the bed and carried the dirty linen down to the basement to where my washer and dryer are located.  To my dismay right in front of the washer was the remains of a small bird.  The only thing left was its feet, some tiny feathers and some gore. More choice words…

Well at least I know knew who had thrown up and why.  I have two sibling cats a female brown tabby Thea and her black velvet coated brother Toby II.  Thea was the
hunter and had shown her prowess a few times before.  Poor Thea, she must of felt pretty bad to throw up and to do it on my bed was certainly making a statement.

In class our pet pictures were passed out and a lady who I will call Sandy received Thea’s picture.  She was sitting just a few chairs down from me intently studying Thea’s picture.  I began to feel nervous as the recent throw up episode entered my mind. What was Thea going to say?  Was she going to report my poor handling of this recent incident?  Was I going to be singled out as a bad pet parent? I was on pins and needles.

After what seemed an eternity it was Sandy’s turn to report on her communication with
Thea.  Turns out Thea did have quite a bit to say…

Like animals everywhere Thea talked from her perspective. Thea liked her feather toy on the long stick and playing with her brother.  Her favorite food was tuna. She didn’t really like TV.  She gave Sandy a tour of her house showing upstairs and downstairs.  Sandy reported that my kitchen was white and we had a small yard.  Thea loved me and liked her home.

I was astounded.  All this was extremely accurate! I don’t watch TV but I do watch videos and sure enough Thea will come in the room to see what I’m doing but then leaves with the attitude of “how boring”.  I was surprised at the small yard revelation
though. It certainly was true but did this mean it was too small?

After class on the long drive home all I could think about was my small yard.  Was it too small for my cats?  Should I think about moving to give them a bigger yard? I really did want them to be happy…


2 thoughts on “Animal Talk – Thea

  1. White in a kitchen? That;s going out on a limb.

    I think you might be giving the wrong interpretation to the throwup incident. Cats don’t really rationalize feelings of revenge like you seem to be assuming. Its more likely that when she started feeling sick she went for a place she felt safest. The bedroom is a naturalchoice, since it is quiet and a place that you spend a lot of time. So the cat was showing that she wanted to be close when she feels bad.

    Sweet, but you still have to wash the sheets.

    • oldcat,

      Yes it is true the lady did say Thea showed her a white kitchen.
      Animals have shown me pictures from their perspective which is like looking a movie or a still photo. I’m also a intuitve who does readings for people so I’m somewhat skilled in this type of communication.
      I didn’t intend or mean that Thea would be after revenge it was just a way to tell the story.
      Good comment regarding Thea looking for a safe place I’m sure that was true.
      Thanks for your comments and insight.
      Take care,

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