Animal Talk – Class III

Very Cute but…

There was another horse (pony actually) our family had but I had forgotten about her because we only had her for a short time due to her shall we say “personality traits”.  These traits caused much consternation and heated conversations over the dinner table.   Two strong traits or you could say problems stood out:  A mind of her own and quite an independent streak.

After we had gotten Pride there must have been some ear bending going on between my parents and my younger sister (who was too little to ride Pride).  Because one day my parents brought home a pony just for her.  It was real cute when all saddled up and ready to ride.  Unfortunately this was one the problems.

I have a vivid memory of my sister getting on this cute pony for nice ride around the pasture.  It started out ok for a few steps but suddenly this pony took off like a rocket racing around the pasture all the while managing to throw in some impressive bucks.  My terrified sister hung on to the saddle horn for dear life and somehow managed to throw out some impressive screams before landing on the ground.  As you can imagine this sort of behavior (mind of her own) didn’t go over very well with my parents or my sister.

This pony was pretty smart too because another thing she did was escape the fenced pasture and find her way back to her previous home (independent streak).

Needless to say this pony was returned, which was obviously what she wanted!  Here again help from an animal communicator may have been able to help remedy these problems for all involved.

In animal communication class this would fall under the category of challenge animal.  On the last day of class we got to try our hand on this difficult aspect of the course.  My challenge animal was an adult dog with a couple of issues one being not getting along with the other dogs in the household.

When I connected to this dog I got big baby / puppy energy, which was scattered and hard to hold on to.  I had to really concentrate to keep a connection.  When I asked about the other dogs in the household and what would make the situation better, this dog practically yelled that he “wanted to be the only one”.

Ok so that’s the message, now what do you do about it?  When I took this class I had no idea of this aspect of animal communication.  All I can say at this point is I’m compelled to explore further and have signed up for a full in-depth 18 month course on the subject.  So stay tuned for more animal adventures…


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