Animal Talk – Class II

Publicity photo for Night After Night (1932)

Mae West

Big Red, the starved Thoroughbred race horse that we acquired was you guessed it big. He was 17 hands tall compared to Pride’s 14 hands. A hand in horse talk is about 4 inches measured from the ground to the horse’s withers. 

It was quite a shock and heartbreaking to see him when he arrived as he was just skin and bones. My teenage friend Julie said he had been reduced to eating bark off trees to stay alive and if we hadn’t of taken him in he would of gone to the glue factory. I don’t know if it was true or not. Julie could tell some tall tales sometimes.

Big Red was an elderly gentleman we figured at least 20+ years of age. He had a nice easy personality and he fit right in with Pride. They would graze happily together.  Although as much as he ate and we fed him including the sneaking of grain to him (I wasn’t supposed to give him grain as it was expensive and saved for the cows) he had a long way to go to get back to a normal weight. As long as we had him you could see his ribs.

We did try riding him but his idea of a ride was one sweep around the pasture and he was done. It was just like he had run his race and that was it. For the most part we just let him be and wondered what his story was.

Julie suggested we try to find out his racing history. She said race horses were tattooed inside their upper lip. I didn’t believe her but it was true. Big Red had a tattoo inside his upper lip but unfortunately it was unreadable. I wish I could have talked to him back then but I had never heard of real animal communicators. Of if you did, it most certainly meant a crazy person.

Fortunately times have changed and anyone can learn to talk to animals. It’s even possible to talk to trees but that’s another story…

Back in animal communication class, one of our exercises was to talk to one of the horses. It turns out it was to be the horse who had put me in my place earlier.  I’ll protect her identity and just call her Mae as in Mae West, because she reminds me of a glamorous black and white movie star.

When I connected to her I was shown a picture of a horse with a wreath around her neck and someone standing next to her, it was obviously a photo of a horse and rider winning a show.  The image itself was interesting because it resembled a black and white or sepia toned “movie star” photo.  I was curious if the person in the photo was our instructor.  So I tried to zero in on the person in the photo.  When I tried to do this the image in my mind instantly zoomed in and framed the horse only!  The person flew out of the picture.  It was very clear what Mae wanted the focus to be… just her!

Now I don’t know about you but I think that is really interesting and certainly gives me pause.  Imagine if it was common to talk to animals what kind of world we would live in and how different it would be…


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