Animal Talk


I have just started an animal communication course and would like to share my experiences with this blog. I would also like to share insights and messages of animals as I receive them. Did you know animals communicate with pictures, words, feelings and concepts? Yes it is true. The messages are from “their” perspective. In order to receive these messages it is necessary to go into a deep relaxed, meditative state.

I’d like to start this blog by sharing a very special story about a message I received from a very unusual cat quite some time ago and a cat I had named Big.  Like his name Big was a large black cat with fabulous soft velvet fur. He was the only cat I ever had that liked to play ball. I would throw a soft golf ball sized ball and Big would chase after it, catch it and bring it back to me. He could play this game for hours. He was very intelligent and I swear he understood everything I said when I talked to him. Something I’m sure most people who have pets can relate to.

When Big was about 13 years of age he became very sick and I ended up having to put him down. This was heartbreaking for me. On the very day he was put down I came home and feeling very blue I took a walk in my yard. At that time I had a pond in my yard with clumps of tall plants partially surrounding it. Big liked to lay there, partially hidden under a clump of tall daisies next to the pond.  As if on auto-pilot I walked over to where Big liked to lay and looked down.  To my amazement exactly where Big liked to lay was a small black kitten!

I scooped up this tiny kitten and hugged him to my chest.  I was overjoyed by this totally unexpected appearance.   I brought this black kitten into my house and this kitten sat exactly where Big like to sit.  I felt it was Big coming back to me.

This kitten did have a collar and a tag.  His name was Toby and he lived on the corner.  Toby would visit me every day after our first meeting.  He would knock on my back door and I would let him in.  He knocked by jumping against my back screen door making a knock.  This went on for quite some time.  I didn’t want to get another cat as it was so hard losing Big.  Toby was perfect it was like having a cat without all the responsibility.

One evening Toby knocked on my back door.  When I let him in he had a huge swollen face.  I picked him up and put him on my bed and did an energy healing on him.  By this time in my life I had been on the metaphysical / spiritual path for a number of years and had learned not only how to do energy healing but discovered I had a natural gift for it.  It came in very handy this evening.  I called Toby’s home and got the machine.  Toby’s owners were out of town and there was a pet sitter in charge – but apparently not home.  I went about my business making dinner etc. and after a while I checked on Toby.  Toby’s face was remarkable less swollen and I could tell he was feeling better.  He jumped off the bed with almost a skip.

The next day Toby’s face was back to normal and I finally got ahold of the pet sitter, who turns out spent the evening at the vet, with a ferret who had an accident involving its foot and its cage.  Toby’s owners were also back by this time.  Since Toby had made a full recovery they never did take Toby to the Vet.

Several days later Toby came by and I let him in.  I was sitting on the couch and Toby was at my feet.  I was looking at him when I received the words “Thank You”.  It was my first experience with animal communication…


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